Monthly Archives: February 2017

W3 Total Cache vs WP Super Cache

W3 Total Cache vs WP Super Cache Website speed has become increasingly important with the rise of mobile devices. Now a days, users expect websites to load within two seconds or less. Anything more and they are likely to push the back button on their browser. One of the most efficient ways to make a website load faster […]

Twenty Seventeen Theme Overview

Twenty Seventeen: Theme Overview Twenty Seventeen is the latest default theme of WordPress, freshly out with WordPress 4.7. If you haven’t yet tasted then it is a right time for you to experience. In this piece of writing, we will look at what the Twenty Seventeen theme has to offer in regards to blogs. We […]

Ubisoft Montreal Release : For Honor

Ubisoft Montreal Release : For Honor Ubisoft acting like a grown up game development company trying to present some original things like For Honor for gaming lovers. Ubisoft took an interesting opportunity with Rainbow six: siege a highly tactical slow paced shooter that has managed to capture itself a dedicated audience who appreciate on skill […]

AMD Ryzen

AMD RYZEN AMD has brought up and introduced new innovation in the CPU market with the launch of AMD Ryzen CPU’s produced on a 14nm FinFet process which AMD claims can surprised on Intel’s best a half the price. The new CPU chips comes with 8-cores 16 threads plus 16MB L3 cache and claim high-end […]