10 Ways To Boost Up Battery Life Of Mobile Phone

How To Boost Up Battery Life Of Mobile Phone

Charging mobile phone everyday is indeed a tedious process. It’s not easy to go much longer than 24 hours without charging smart phone.

To over come this problem you really need such a battery technology which simply make your mobile charging issue resolve for a long period. Here I suggest some simple tricks and tips you can use to make your phone’s battery last longer.

These days in the market there is huge choice of Portable USB power banks, through which you can use to charge your smartphone on the way.

The following are the 10 ways to boost up your smart phone life as long as you can.

1- Reduce screen timeout/short

Android phone turn off the display after setting time interval. It is suggested to set this interval as short as possible to prolong the battery life. On most android phone the minimum is 15 seconds. If our screen time out is currently set to 2 minutes consider minimizing that to 30 seconds. However, on an iPhone, the minimum you can set is 1 minute.

2- Turn OFF Bluetooth And GPS Radio

Bluetooth and GPS are two of bigger battery hogs, and it should be off when mobile is not. If you are make sure to have your phone charging otherwise your battery life will sink like a stone.

Android phones are choke full of radios and GPS if you don’t use them it makes no sense to keep them turned on. When you are not listening to the radio don’t leave it to turn as the background. Make sure GPS is shut down when not using the navigation or location features of the phone.

3- Dim the Screen

Android phone have an auto brightness setting that automatically adjust the screen brightness based on ambient room light level.

The display on android phones this major dream on the battery. So turn it down as low as possible. This can add hours life of our smart phone battery and will save your time for other work.

4- Turn off wifi

As with blue tooth your phone’s wifi radio is a serious battery dreams. toggel it off when you go out the door and turn it back on only when plan to use data services within range of your wifi network. Android users can add the wifi toggle widget to there home screen to make thus one-tap process, or swipe down from the top of the screen.

5- Trim apps running in the background

From setting>Apps, swipe to the left of your mobile screen a list of apps will be appeared that are currently running. Tap on each one to see what they are; you can stop any apps that you don’t need running in the background all of the time.

6- Don’t use vibrating app

Vibrating apps uses much more power than playing a ringtones does. A ringtone only has to make a tiny membrane in your phone’s speaker vibrate enough to produce sound on the other hand this vibration motor rotates a small weight make your whole phone shake, which consume a lot more power. If you don’t want to be disturbed with ringtone sound, its better turning off all notifications and leave the phone in view so you can see when a new call is coming. This process will help your mobile battery to keep long lasting.

7- Delete Extraneous Apps

It is nice to turn off all non-essential apps,notification for longer life of your mobile battery.

If you run more than one app at a time you may loose a lot of energy, because every app uses a share of your phone processor cycles. By deleting apps that you aren’t actual using, you can drastically reduce your CPU’s work load and cut down on its power consumption.

8- Update your apps

Application often get updated to use less battery power, so ensure your apps are up to date. Even if you configured the phone for automatic updates, some apps still requires that you manually install updates check for app updates in google play by hitting the menu key and going to my apps.

9- Buy a battery case or larger extended battery.

Battery cases set together a hardware enclosure, which protects your phone, with an extended battery that can enhance your phone’s endurance you can get modles compatible with popular android phones from a variety of manufactures such as the mophie juce pack and inciplo off grid battery backup case.

Power saving modes

It is depending on your phone you may find the manufactures has provided power saving features that go beyond anything available in Android by default.

Power-saving modes manages the phone’s various power-sapping features for you. such as prevent apps from updating in the background dim your screen reduces the screen time out setting disable on screen animations, and turn off vibrations. By default, this mode usual turns on when your battery level drops to 20% but you can see it to kick in 30% instead. And sooner the phone switches to this power saving mode, the longer its battery will last.

Final Words

A few phones, notably from HTC and Samsung, have so called extreme (or ultra power) power saving modes. These turn off every times off except those necessary for making phone calls and sending text messages and can add any thing up to 24 hours of emergency use, even if your battery is down to 15 to 20%.

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