How To Boost Up Wifi Speed, Signals And Range

How To Boost Up Wifi Speed, Signals And Range

Wi-fi has become the part of our life. Though it is invisible thing but it comforts us but yet it is also one of the most frustrating. However, Wi-fi is pretty much a necessity these days. It connects us with the world.

Wifi wave are just-radio waves that’s the same as the electromagnetic wave on catch then with our cell phone or a radio. But wifi waves are frail shorter they are only 12 and long compared to AM radio waves which are hundreds of meter long.

Some times experience reveals that the relationship between user and wifi turn sour-especially when WI-FI slows to a crawl. When we depend on wifi speed issues can hurt us. Unfortunately, these issues are not so easy to detect due to the way wifi works. Usually one unknown variable could potentially disconnect the speed of wifi almost in half, so its important to know what to do when something is wrong.

Wi-Fi transfers data using one of two radio frequency: 2.4 GHZ (older standard) and 5GHZ (newer standard). Within these frequencies, there are multiple channels: 14 of them at 2.4 GHZ and 30 of them at 5ghz.

We can now explore some of the lesser-known reasons behind why the speed of wifi is so slow-and the best ways to resolve those issues.

1 Router Positioning

Mostly users underestimate the importance of positioning of their Wi-Fi router. Picking a good spot can over come speed problem. Even a small shift in positioning could and up being the difference between the day and night.

2 Find The Perfect Spot For Your Router

If you want the best signals, you will need it out in the open, free of any walls and obstructions. Point the antennas Perpendicularly and elevate the router if you can make sure its in the center of your house, so you have the best coverage possible throughout your home.

3 Find The Right Wireless Channel

It is observed that the router of your neighbor may be interfering with yours and causing the signal to damage. Wireless routers can operate on a number of different channels, and you want yours on a channel with as little interference as possible. Use a tool like wifi stumbler or wifi analyzer to find the perfect channel in your house.

4 Get Rid Of Interference From other Appliance

Cordless phones, microwaves, and other appliances can muck with your signals as well. It is suggested that buying a dual band router can help with this, but you can also buy cordless phones on other bands too. If you do not like to buy new hardware you can always try moving your router further from interfering appliances, too.

5 Replace Your Antenna

If your router has a built in antenna, adding an external version would be a good idea, as the latter tends to send a stronger signal. Many router manufactures sell omni directional antennas, which transmit a signal in one particular direction. A directional antenna tends to be a better option, since odds are that you are not experiencing weak spots in your network in every direction. Keep your external antenna in the direction of your weak spot, and it will broad cast the signal accordingly.

6 Check To See if other Family members are Streaming or Tormenting

Massive activities like streaming HD video or file sharing can take its toll on internet speed. Distance from the router is important as well. If four people are streaming video but they are close to the router, you may not feel any slow downs so if every one simply must watch Netflix or play Halo separately and simultaneously, try to move the devices closer to the router with as little wall or floor intercepting the path as possible.

7 Support speed with WiFi Extender

If your work place/house is big, then you need to opt a wifi extender in order to get continuous and strong signals for your hardware. This device is essentially logs into your wifi network and then re broad casts the signal allowing you to log into the extension and get a better signal when far away from your router.

Keep in mind, the wifi extender must be getting good signal strength to work properly, so you don’t want to place it in the same area where you are getting a poor connection. Also remember that walls will degrade the strength, so place the repeater accordingly.

It is better to propose to place the wifi repeater close to the router to get uninterrupted and strong signal.
However, there are more options in 2017 to boost up your wifi speed than in past years. The reason from this is the new high speed protocol 802.11ac introduced in 2013 has started to populate most new devices. Older devices don’t support 802.11 ac and can not advantage of the speed it transfers at.

WHAT IS 802.11ac?

802.11ac also known as wireless-AC It is the latest protocol in a long line of wifi standards. The previous version was 802.11n (Wireless-N) and is currently the most widely used.

Wireless-AC can transfer data much faster than wireless-N upto a theoretical 1300 MBPs Vs 300 MBPs.
802.11ac has different data rates and speeds it can run at meaning it will only become faster. For example the early version of 802.11ac moved data at 433 MBPs while new versions can move at 1300 MBPs.

Wireless-AC only works in the 5GHZ frequency while older protocols work in the 2.4 ghz frequency. Devices that can use both frequencies are called Dual Band and HV the added benefit of transferring data on both bands at same time. For example wireless-N using the 2.4 Ghz frequency can move data upto 300 MBPs. At the same time Wireless-AC can transfer data upto 1300 MBPs. When both are used at the same time a dual band setup can than run at a theoretical 1600 MBPs. So you can speed a wifi signal by using 802.11ac wireless Hardware, but if you have older device that don’t have 802.11ac capability they may be upgraded. For example a laptop can be a wireless-AC USB wifi dongle to get better speeds over a built in wireless-N card.

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