10 Essential and must have WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins

10 Essential and must have WordPress Plugins

WordPress provides numerous features and functionalities for the Web developers while creating websites. But yet there are number of things lack from the basic software. In order to full fill your requirements there is a best way, install WordPress Plugins.

There are thousands of useful plugins available in the WordPress plugins directory which helps you customize or provide your desired functionality in the WordPress websites.

It is very difficult to mention all names from approximately 40 thousand plus plugins, however picking out some of the top most important must have plugins while creating your website.

This is my collection of free must-installed plugins who want to create a website with ease. I have included some of the basic plugins from Image Widget, recent posts to security plugins.

1- Advanced Code Editor

Advanced Code Editor

This plugin provide you syntax highlighting features in themes and plugins source code editors. It supports CSS, HTML, PHP, and Javascript. This plugin also smartly edits your themes or plugins when you are working continuously and having only access from a browser. It saves production time. It is so simple Just press ctrl+S it saves the file on run time. No need for entire page loading again and again. It prevents you to keep updating the page every time when you have done some changes.

Corner Stone

  • 100,000+ acitve installs.
  • Compatible with latest versions of WordPress.


  • Mixed language Syntax highlighting (PHP,HTML,JavaScript and CSS)
  • Smart Search (string or regex).
  • Search and Replace.
  • Full Screen editor.
  • 11 editor themes.
  • Multiple Undo & Redo (editor remembers all edits).
  • AutoComplete with over 3500 WordPress Functions.
  • Tested and Works with IE8,9,10 FF3.6 and up, chrome 8 and up.
  • Ajax save file.
  • Ajax Create new file.
  • Ajax Delete file.
  • Ajax Create new directory.
  • Jump To Line with hot key Crtl + G. (NEW)
  • File Tree View (NEW)
  • Download theme button.
  • Download Plugin button.
  • Download file button.
  • Editor CodeFolding.
  • Toggle file tree on/off.
  • Download file button.
  • Comment code out/in.
  • Auto format and indenting code.(NEW)
  • Built-in version control.(NEW)

You can download this plugin from here

2- Black Studio Tinymce Widget

Black Studio Tinymce Widget

When we talk about widgets in dashboard, WordPress gives you number of options regarding widget type. Basic functionality of WordPress provides you a simple text editor which comes with some limitations. In order to create fully customizable text area we need something like visual editor. In this case Black Studio Tiny MCE wins the race.

With the help of Black Studio TinyMCE Widget you can easily edit your widgets in a WYSIWYG manner. It is resemble just like you do in posts and pages. Switch back and forth from Visual to HTML functionality is also available.

Corner Stone

  • Active installs: 900,000+
  • Compatible with latest versions of WordPress.


  • Add rich text widgets to your sidebars and edit them using visual editor
  • Switch between Visual mode and HTML mode (including Quicktags toolbar)
  • Insert images/videos from WordPress Media Library
  • Insert links to existing WordPress pages/posts or external resources
  • Full screen editing mode
  • Widgets accessibility mode
  • WordPress networks (multi-site)
  • WPML (multi-language)
  • Live preview in theme customizer
  • Available in 20+ languages

You can downloads this plugin from here

3- Display Widgets

Display Widgets

This plugin facilitates to display specific sidebar content for different pages explicitly. It is not restrict to the content, providing you the facility for the categories, custom taxonomies, and WPML languages as well.
Initially there is by default “Hide on checked pages” is selected with no boxes checked. Because of this all current widgets will display on all pages.
It avoids you to create several sidebars and duplicating widgets by check the boxes to each widget. Providing you the options show or hide the widgets block on every single site page.

Corner Stone

  • Active installs: 200,000+
  • Compatible with latest versions of WordPress.

You can downloads this plugin from here

4- Table Press


In old times of Website making, we use tables for creating and displaying stats and figures. In modern days we have TablePress plugin allowing you to easily create beautiful and easy to manage data through tables.

By using a simple shortcode you can easily integrate the tables into pages, posts, or in widgets. Speadsheet-like interface providing you the simple to handle table data with no coding knowledge required.

Any type of data can be inserted in the tables. It also provides you the ease of integrating the complex formulas. Tables can be imported and exported to Excel, CSV, HTML, and JSON files. Additionally the features like filtering, sorting, pagination, gives more flexibility for the developers.

Corner Stone

  • Active installs: 500,000+
  • Compatible with latest versions of WordPress.

You can downloads this plugin from here

5- Popup Maker

Popup Maker

If you need to make some of your content stand out and specifically visible from other content, the first word comes in our mind is popup.

Popup Maker is one of the most easiest and flexible popup plugin available on WordPress that gives you number of options to style and stand out your content in multiple ways.

It give you extra ordinary customizing power to your Popup , not available in other free versions of popup plugins.
You can learn tips and tricks to create your desired popup by reach out on Popup Maker Blog.

Corner Stone

  • Active installs: 90,000+
  • Compatible with latest versions of WordPress.


  • Slide Outs, Banner Bars, Floating Stickies, Notifications, Loading Screens, Video Lightboxes, and of course, Opt-In Forms.
  • Supports form building plugins like Ninja Forms, Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7 & more.
  • Support for MailChimp, AWeber, InfusionSoft, GetResponse, Constant Contact, Mail Poet, Mad Mimi, Hubspot, and Emma.
  • Responsive popups.
  • unique Popup Editor to build any content.
  • control popup sizing, position, animation and so much more.
  • Conditions allow you to target exactly who will (and will not) see your popups.
  • We have included specific conditions for popular plugins such as WooCommerce.
  • Dictate the frequency at which users see your popups using Cookies, and edit how the cookies are created using Cookie Creation Events.
  • Click Triggers allows you to trigger a popup on click of menu items, sidebars, buttons, images or any other content on your site.
  • Auto Open Triggers allows you to set a timed delay, then the popup will display according to your preference.
  • Trove of options to customize the look of your popup using our unique Theme Editor. Change colors, shadows, fonts, paddings, and much, much more.
  • Stat tracking: Popup Opens Count.

You can downloads this plugin from here

5- Flamingo (Contact Form 7)

Contact Form 7 is one of the best plugins for from submission available in the WordPress repository. But when it comes to the message storage functionality we did not have any solution in the past rather to have coding knowledge.

Flamingo helps you to store messages submitted from contact form 7 in the database. It gives you very simple structure so you can easily track down your customer email addresses and their messages.


After the installation and activation of the Flamingo plugin, you can access Flamingo on the left side of the dashboard. Messages entered through contact forms are listed over there and there is search functionality as well. By using Flamingo you don’t worry losing important messages due to mail server issues or misconfiguration in mail setup.
Corner Stone

  • Active installs:100,000+
  • Compatible with latest versions of WordPress.

You can downloads this plugin from here

6- Simple Image Widget

Image Widget

WordPress provides you a very basic way to insert image with sidebars. You have to know a little knowledge of html.
Simple Image widget gives you a very simple and easy way to integrate your images through sidebars. It also includes display advertisements, calls to action or build a slider based on image widgets.

Corner Stone

  • Active installs:80,000+
  • Compatible with latest versions of WordPress.

You can downloads this plugin from here

7- Easy Social Icons

Integrating social icons in your website is a very essential part while Connecting your site to the Social media world. By integrating this plugin you can easily upload your custom images or you can deal with the fontawesome icons. More importantly you can set the dimensions, providing anchor link, sort order, display vertically or horizontally, left or right or center aligned, set up margins and much more…

– Shortcode in page/post: [cn-social-icon]
– For template PHP file:
– Using widget


  • Upload your own social icons, set URL for that icon with sort order, target windows etc.
  • Or select font icons from font-awesome (Cover original color for 100+ font-awesome brand icons)
  • Create mutiple icons set using widget with different settings
  • Mutiple shortcode in page/post with different settings
  • Mutiple PHP template tag in PHP themes files with different settings
  • Works with responsive website
  • Add/edit/delete option for icons
  • Set the icon width and height to fit in your template/design perfectly
  • Display your social share icons vertically or horizontally to match perfectly with your template/design.
  • Social icon set in the sidebar using the widget
  • Social icon set in pages/posts using shortcode
  • Sorting social media icons using drag drop
  • Also if you are familiar with PHP code then you can use the template tag to place the social icon set anywhere in the PHP template file
  • Google Social Profile Links feature added, so if someone search your website/blog in google it will show your social icons also.

You can downloads this plugin from here

8- Recent Posts Widget Extended

Recent Posts Widget Extended

A Blog post gives a customer an ease to understand the core theme of your website. Your routine customer is eager to know about the latest posts of your website too. In this case this plugin helps you a lot. It provides you a super advanced recent posts with a simple shortcode or via widget.

It gives you a advanced list of recent posts with thumbnail, excerpt and date.

Corner Stone

  • Active installs:100,000+
  • Compatible with latest versions of WordPress.


  • Taxonomy support
  • Post status option.
  • Custom html or text before and/or after recent posts.
  • Available filter for dev.
  • Shortcode feature.
  • Image cropping.
  • Allow you to set title url.
  • Display by date, comment count or random.
  • Thumbnails, with customizable size and alignment.
  • Excerpt, with customizable length.
  • Specific or multiple category / tag
  • Show modification date
  • Display comment count
  • Exclude current post
  • Read more option.
  • Post type option.
  • Custom CSS.
  • Multiple widgets.

You can downloads this plugin from here

9- WP Limit Login Attempts

Wp Limit Login
Web hackers and attackers are working day and night to break the security of your precious website. In order to be on a safe side you have to acquire some security techniques. In this regard Limit login attempts is the best free solution you have. It protects your site from brute force attack. Basically Brute force attack tries to gain your site access by username or password. Wp login attempts limits the rate of login attempts and block IP.

Corner Stone

  • Active installs:30,000+
  • Compatible with latest versions of WordPress.


  • Login Security – Limit Login Attempts and track user login attempts
  • Captcha Verification
  • Light weight plugin
  • Mechanism for slow down brute force attack
  • Redirect to home page, when abnormal request (It will stop hacking tools)

You can downloads this plugin from here

10- Wp Custom Widget Area

From now there is no need to mess up with functions.php file while creating custom widget. Wp Custom widget area gives you a simple one click solution to create multiple custom widget area and menu location with ease to show the widget wherever you want to display in your website.
From available shortcodes you can easily paste in the posts, pages of in any of php file.

Corner Stone

  • Active installs:10,000+
  • Compatible with latest versions of WordPress.

You can downloads this plugin from here

RepairPress Theme – GSM, Phone Repair Shop WP


Overview: RepairPress WordPress Theme

Hello Guys. Today I would like to tell you about the features of RepairPress WordPress Theme. It is one of the popular theme in Themeforest above 900 downloads. It costs $59 with Regular license. Quality checked by Envato, Future updates, 6 months support from ProteusThemes. There is an extended support to 12 months will cost you $17.63. Item Rating 4.83 average based on 47 ratings. (Till 18-3-2017)


RepairPress is one of the best premium WordPress theme for mobile phone repair shops, computer repair companies, smartphone repair shops, camera repairers, tablet repair shops, laptop repairers and other digital or technology product repairers.

This theme is extremely easy to configure and use. It pulls all the pieces together to help you create a tidy website so you can focus on most importantly about the customer’s needs. RepairPress is only available on ThemeForest, so keep reading to find out more about why it’s perfect for your business? WordPress website!


The Only Repair WordPress Shop

  • We researched your industry, so we know exactly what you business needs in a website.
  • It is fast and easy to use and clean – no annoying animations. Just a simple design.
  • Theme code is WordPress industry standard, and this theme is compatible with popular WP plugins for easy integration.


Real-time Customizer and Layouts: Change the look and feel of your website with the real-time preview WordPress customizer. You can experience the look and feel before making your website live. RepairPress includes number of page layouts that you can change in each page’s editing screen.

Compatibility with Visual Composer: RepairPress fully supports visual composer, so you can get straight into building your website with a platform you know and trust.

Import Demo Content On Single Click: Import your demo content with single click to get your theme up and running. This content will guide you through creating your web. So you can easily add the right content in the right places.

Popular WordPress Plugins Support: RepairPress supports most of the popular WordPress plugins, including Contact Form 7, Custom sidebars, Advanced Custom fields, Yoast SEO, WP Rocket, Simple Lightbox and Woocommerce.

Page Builder: Page builder plugin by SiteOrigin is fully integrated with the RepairPress theme, and makes it easy to build and rebuild your website. With its intuitive drag and drop interface, creating pages becomes a pleasure.

Widgets and Sidebars: You can create number of unique layouts by creating widgets and sidebars.
Reliable: This theme will definitely become the heart of your business. With this theme your site will run well and look great.

Responsive: It looks beautiful and professional on any device, from mobile to desktop and beyond. This theme’s responsive design fits to any screen, and clean code means it loads too especially on mobiles.

The Foundations: Compatibility and code quality are as important as the visual appearance of the theme. Coded by WordPress standards, It is developer friendly, and easy to customize to add extra features.

Compatibility with WPML: The Multilingual plugin of WordPress can be easily configured. Entire theme is 100% translation ready.

In 14 Languages

  • Dutch (Nederlands)
  • French (Français)
  • German (Deutsch)
  • Italian (Italiano)
  • Polish (Polski)
  • Portuguese (Português)
  • Russian (Russkiy yazyk)
  • Spanish (Español)
  • Slovenian (Slovenscina)
  • Danish (Dansk)
  • Turkish (Türkçe)
  • Czech (Cestina)
  • Swedish (Svenska)



Comments From Clients

Gundog (5 Out 5)
5 stars – great mix of super design and very helpful support. I will be looking out for what this team creates in the future. They really know what they are doing. Well done.

Luis 2017 (5 out 5)
The theme is great and only surpass by the customer support ProteusThemes has to offer. I ran into some cumbersome technical issues and customer support worked with me until we found a solution… I strongly recommend ProteusThemes.

Zoomwebdesign(5 out 5)
The customer support has been brilliant! The design is just perfect and works amazingly. LOVE IT!

Final Words

Does your repair shop or business need a site that showcases your specialty services and experience? Do you have any existing site that’s not delivering the goods?. This theme helps you quickly to manage entire website content of your website. You can create a way better website that fulfills your need and requirements.

Best SEO Copywriting Guidelines

SEO copywriting

Best SEO Copywriting Guidelines

SEO copywriting is a vital dexterity for anyone who needs to be victorious online. It is the art of creating content that is appreciated by readers and search engines. In this way this is the key to rank high.

SEO copywriting is a new field. In past you was either a SEO expert or copywriter. It’s only in recent years that SEO has gotten less technical and the significance of excellence writing has gone up.

Do you know what SEO Copywriting is?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the method of optimizing your site and content to get high rankings in search engines.

Copywriting, on the other hand, is about the human part. A copywriter tries to find the right words and sentences to catch visitors and readers. For that reason, to be an efficient copywriter, you need to recognize human psychology and have a keen insight into the audience you are writing for.

SEO copywriting combines these two disciplines in order to create convincing content that targets both search keywords and the hearts and minds of human readers.

In order to do so, the discipline combines the following elements:

  • Methodological SEO: all technical aspects of search engine optimization.
  • Audience plus keyword research: finding out what people category into search engines, their intent and what else there is to know about them.
  • Content making: Taking the information and facts, summed up and turning it into relevant content for the visitors that will love to read.
  • On-page SEO: Make sure search engines can understand what it’s about.

SEO Copywriting Tips Making your Content Creation Useful

Audience and Keyword Research
Step#1: Creating content knowing who is going to read it. Understanding your viewers has a lot of power on your content from topic choice over language usage to keywords. Step#2: Marketing personas are fictional profiles of audience members. They help you out understand readers on a personal level let you find and create topics for them. Step#3: Your web analytics (Google Analytics) and similar services are wealth troves of information about your visitors. From what content they most like and what else they look at on your site– you can learn a lot from your facts and analytics.

Step#4: The best performing content on opponent sites and comments underneath will inform you about what your visitors are looking for as well. This approach is also ideal to do Backlinko’s skyscraper technique.

Step#5: visitors hang out in social network to discuss about what they are involved in. All you need to do is listen to gain loads of insights.

Step#5 keyword research is also part of audience research. Knowing keywords and key phrases your audience types into Google allows you to understand them on a deep level.
With the above steps, you are now capable enough to create a long list of potential topic ideas.

Guidelines for Content Creation.

When you have selected a topic and keyword make sure:
Craft an outline: Writing a blog turned out to be very easy if you have a scaffolding in place that you can work along. This is what an outline. For a good outline, decide on the aim of your piece plus the piece of information to include.
Start writing: once you get to writing, just ponder on volume. Don’t think too much. Just try to get the words out. Screw grammar and typos for now, that’s all taken care of in editing.
Well Structured: To make your text more readable, create lots of paragraphs, use headings and subheadings, lists and anything else that makes content visible.
Buff up during editing: The real work begins when you get into the editing stage. Proofread, focus on sentence and paragraph structure as well as text flow.

With these guidelines, content creation will get much easier.

Standout Headline

The headline is the most integral parts of your content. It’s the first thing users will view in the search engines and decides whether they will click or not. For this reason, the heading of your content deserves special attention.

Now Opt for On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization is vital to make sure your content checks all the necessary SEO steps. Failing to do so can cost you a lot, making a great piece of writing to a far off page in Google only just because missing basic markers.

Here’s what to look out for:

  • Include keyword like the URL, title, introduction, headings, image file names and ALT tags.
  • Pay attention to keyword density (Yoast recommend)
  • Try to put the keywords in the beginning in all instances.
  • Title tag and meta description — Both appear prominently in search engines.
  • Use images and other visuals
  • Don’t forget to compress your images for fast loading times and optimize file names and ALT tags.
  • Hyper linking Do make sure to link both to external sites and your own content. This is helpful for readers and also lets Google further understand your topic and page structure.


SEO copywriting skills are something every website owner should invest in. It is the secret pulp to creating content that is loved by readers and picked up by search engines.

In this article, you have learned:

  • Audience and Keyword Research
  • Valuable SEO copywriting tips
  • Guidelines for Content Creation.
  • Now Opt for On-Page Optimization

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Change Default WordPress Avatars


Change Default WordPress Avatar

Most WordPress websites show avatars for user’s identity. These avatars can be images chosen by the users themselves or they can be assigned by the website owner or by WordPress. The default avatar is a shape like a person on a gray background. Fortunately we can easily change the default WordPress avatar.

In this guide we will observe how to choose your own avatar and how to use plugins to allow your users to choose their own avatars.

The only knowledge required is very basic:

  • Install a plugin
  • Crop an image
  • Upload a file.

What is an Avatar?

When browsing different web sites, you may notice that many users have a picture next to their name. These pictures are called “avatars.” WordPress, however, uses a specific type of avatar called “Gravatars”–short for “Globally Recognized Avatar.” Unlike standard avatars, Gravatars follow you around the web and automatically appear when you post a comment on a WordPress site.”By Codex”

Avatars Settings

Have you seen the mystery person avatar?. It’s uninteresting and reminds us that avatars are not set up for the website. Luckily we’re not restricted to the mystery person. With WordPress we have a number of choices.

You can select the default avatar for anyone commenting on your site. There are several choices and you can add more as well.

In the dashboard, go to Settings, Discussion, and scroll down to Avatars. Make sure Show Avatars is checked. Here you have seven built-in choices.

Mystery Person is the default. Four of the choices are generated. These use the commenter’s name or email address to generate an picture according to the pattern you’ve chosen. Select the avatar you want and click Save Changes. The avatars on your website will then update to match your default selection.

Your Custom Avatar

You’re not restricted to the default avatars – you can have your own. The most popular are provided by another company called Gravatar. Gravatar stands for Globally Recognized avatar. Create your profile in one location and then it will follow you every Gravatar enabled website.

Gravatar is tied to your email address. Whenever you comment and utilize your email address your default avatar will be displayed. If you don’t have a default, WordPress will allocate a default avatar to your comment.

In the dashboard, go to Users, Your Profile, and scroll down to About Yourself. This shows your profile picture. Change this picture on the Gravatar website by clicking the link. You can also just go to Gravatar.com.

Create a Free Gravatar account, upload your image, and you are done. You can have multiple emails with a different Gravatar for each. The Image dimension around 250×250 is a good choice. There is a cropping tool as well consisting of two previews to show you what the image looks like big and small. This creates a copy so your original image remains intact.

WP User Avatar

WordPress currently only allows you to use custom avatars that are uploaded through Gravatar. WP User Avatar enables you to use any photo uploaded into your Media Library as an avatar. This means you use the same uploader and library as your posts. No extra folders or image editing functions are necessary.

WP User Avatars adds an avatar file upload section to the user’s profile page, allowing users to upload and select their own avatars. It adds a set of options so you can select user roles that are allowed to upload avatars and to keep WordPress from contacting Gravatar for avatars so you can specify them yourself.

This one lets you upload or choose from the media library using the upload box in your user profile page.

Avatar Manager

Avatar Manager for WordPress is a sweet and simple plugin for storing avatars locally and more. Easily.
Enhance your WordPress website by letting your users choose between using Gravatar or a self-hosted avatar image right from their profile screen. Improved workflow, on-demand image generation and custom user permissions under a native interface. Say hello to the Avatar Manager plugin.

WP First Letter Avatar

WP First Letter Avatar sets custom avatars for users without Gravatar. The avatar will be a first letter of the user’s name. You can also configure the plugin to use any other letter to set custom avatar.Here’s an example comment. This commenter’s name is Tester, so the avatar is a T.

Guidelines Your Own Avatars

  • 128×128 or 250×250 dimensions
  • PNG JPG and GIF image type


  • You can create and upload them yourself
  • Allow WordPress to generate them based on user names,
  • Even allow users to upload their own,
  • Allow your readers to use their own Gravatars.

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W3 Total Cache vs WP Super Cache

W3 Total Cache vs WP Super Cache

Website speed has become increasingly important with the rise of mobile devices. Now a days, users expect websites to load within two seconds or less. Anything more and they are likely to push the back button on their browser. One of the most efficient ways to make a website load faster is to use cache or caching. WordPress users who want to apply this technique can choose from a number of plugins.

However, by far the two most popular are W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache. They each possess more than a million active installs and are regulars on the list of the most popular WordPress plugins.

Yet, while their goal is the same, the two plugins are basically different in their handling and designed at different user groups. To help you decide which one is the right one for you, in this piece of writing we will conduct a detailed W3 Total Cache vs WP Super Cache evaluation.

What is Caching?

The term caching means temporarily storing data. Web browsers constantly keep data from websites like images, files and pages on your hard drive. That way, when you go back to the same site, they don’t need to load everything from the start but can use what they already have. As a result of which, websites appear faster on your screen.

To understand what WordPress caching plugins do, you first need to know that the majority of websites are HTML documents (and CSS/JavaScript, of course, but HTML is the basis). WordPress, however, consists mainly of PHP.

When user requests to see your WordPress site, its HTML version is dynamically created from the PHP scripts found inside the files on your server. Naturally, that takes time and processing power.

Page Load Speed is Important

As mentioned above, speed is important. Slow website loading times increase bounce rates, lower search rankings, decrease conversions and overall delay on your site’s performance. For that reason, using a caching plugin can make a real impact in the success of your website, be it visitor numbers, conversions or revenue.

W3 Total Cache vs WP Super Cache – What’s the Difference?


Let’s talk about popularity first. As mentioned in the starting of the article that both W3 Total Cache (W3TC) and WP Super Cache (WPSC) have more than a million installs to their name. In addition to that, with 4.5 out of 5 stars, they also both have a near perfect rating.

However, W3 Total Cache is slightly ahead since it has three times more user ratings. That’s probably also why it appears top in the WordPress plugin list.

W3TC is also the plugin of choice for key sites like WP Beginner, WPML, Sitepoint and Mashable. In short, in terms of popularity our two contenders seem to be very much on even footing.


W3 Total Cache

Both plugins can be installed like any other WordPress plugin. Simply go to Plugins > Add New, search for their names, install and activate.

Upon activation, W3TC adds a new menu item named Performance to the WordPress menu. There are a lot of settings. 16 pages full of them!

After activating WPSC, the plugin will prompt you to go to its settings page and switch it on. When entering the options (which are less prominently located in the WordPress settings), users find a very different sight than in its competitor.


  • Different kinds of caching (page, object, database, browser, fragment)
  • Minification for files (HTML, CSS, JS) and database
  • CDN support
  • Settings import/export
  • Monitoring

Each of these features have its own subpage with numerous list of options.
WP Super Cache is said to work especially well with low-powered servers or during heavy traffic.

Different ways of page caching (mod_rewrite, PHP, legacy)

  • Compression for pages
  • Mobile device support
  • Scheduler that clears cached pages at set intervals to keep them up to date
  • Pre-caching to deliver pages quickly at first request
  • Ability to export settings for use in another website

Premium Features

  • For $99/year you can upgrade to W3 Total Cache Pro.
  • Faster acceleration with Full Site Delivery and unlock extensions for Genesis, WPML and more.
  • Book premium support.
  • You can be book premium services directly from inside WordPress or via thehomepage.

– WP Super Cache does not offer any premium features. What you see in the free plugin is what you get. As a consequence you can use it for your own good without being sold anything.

W3 Total Cache vs WP Super Cache – The Result

Both of them offer sufficient features to cut off precious seconds off your website’s loading time and obviously do a good job in their department. Otherwise they wouldn’t be trusted by millions of users.

Who is the winner?
Consequently, in order to pick a winner, you need to make a choice which user group you belong to. This will determine which plugin is the right one for you.
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Twenty Seventeen Theme Overview

Twenty Seventeen

Twenty Seventeen: Theme Overview

Twenty Seventeen is the latest default theme of WordPress, freshly out with WordPress 4.7. If you haven’t yet tasted then it is a right time for you to experience.

In this piece of writing, we will look at what the Twenty Seventeen theme has to offer in regards to blogs. We will going to talk about the prime features offered and what can be altered using the new and improved theme. By the end of this post, you may well be prepared to give Twenty Seventeen a try.

Home Page

Twenty Seventeen is one of those theme that really put a focus on the business aspect. This is reflected in the choice of a static front page that offers multiple sections. ideal for displaying important aspects of a business site.

Homepage provides four content sections. You can select pages to be featured in each area. This enables you to customize your front page to promote the different pieces of content on your site and display information relevant to your audience’s’ needs.

While using Twenty Seventeen in this way, it’s very important to add up strong featured images to every page of your website, as the featured images are displayed along with each section of the home page layout. These images, combined with the parallax effect Twenty Seventeen, results in a eye-catching home page design.
The static front page provides a great opportunity for businesses to make a good impression. Professional, stylish and modern, with space for all the key information you may need displayed, the design looks anything but free and basic.

A Blog Home Page

Blog Page

To use a front page on your WordPress website you will require to create the page and then select it from the customizer. Otherwise, by default, the Twenty Seventeen theme will simply show your latest posts in a typical blog home page format.

For using the Twenty Seventeen theme for a blog purpose isn’t a bad choice for you. The large header image section and layouts, with the option choosing a two column layout, give a clean and elegant look, as well as a great user experience.

Header Media

Header Area

Twenty Seventeen displays a full-size header image at the top of your site, grabbing the concentration of arriving visitors. This feature will be especially useful for those in visual industries, who want a large header image to display a photo or image of their work.

Upload a number of header images, then select ‘Randomize Uploaded Headers’. This will display a different image at random each time the page is loaded. This feature work very well to hold the attention of visitors.
The header part also supports video content. Now you can easily upload a video on your home page. Otherwise, you could enter a URL of any YouTube video you would desire to play. The video can be paused if your audience doesn’t appreciate moving images.

This inspiring header media functionality can have a strong visual impact on visitors helps Twenty Seventeen be prominent from default WordPress themes of the past.

The Menus

Twenty Seventeen comes up with two menus. Your primary navigation displayed at the top of the page. However, as a visitor scrolls down the page, the menu will stick to the top of the page.

A social menu can also be displayed at the top or bottom of the page. This menu can easily be incorporated with all major social media platforms. These social menus can also be positioned in widget areas.

The Customizer

The Customizer
The customizer functionality is another great aspect of Twenty Seventeen. The look of your site can be edited through the customizer. Customization work takes place on the front end, in real time. This makes configuring and customizing the theme very easy. It can also be a fun, relaxed, and extremely fast and effective way of working for beginners.

Customizer now includes a new feature called Visible Edit Shortcuts, a great development for WordPress 4.7. A blue pencil icon that indicates section edit for each element is present on every page. If you want to edit a specific element, simply click on the relevant icon. The customizer will then open up on the particular element, now it is ready for customization.

The customizer includes, select a static front page, choose the content for each section of the front page, and configure your header media, menus and widgets. So far so good, so let’s have a look at what other customization options are available.

Site Identity

Under the Site Identity section of the customizer, you can setup the site title and tagline. Alternatively, you could remove them altogether. Besides this, you can upload and select a logo plus site icon for your WordPress site.

The customizer allows you to change the color scheme, as well as the header text color. Choose from two preset color schemes, light or dark, or select a custom option. For the header text, you can pick from an unlimited selection of colors.


A sidebar and two footers are composition of the widget areas. You can amend widgets all from within the customizer. By default Twenty Seventeen uses text widgets in both footers, displaying info about your site and contact information. There’s also a search box so visitors can search within your WordPress site.

Additional CSS

The option of adding additional custom CSS is provided in the customizer, for those who wish to use this feature.

Responsive Controls

Responsive Control

There are responsive controls displayed at the bottom of the customizer. These permit you to experiment how your pages will look on modern devices like tablets and smart phones. It is extremely important to check that your site is usable on different screen sizes.

If a website is not fully responsive, it can lose visitors and potential customers. Google also favors mobile friendly sites when ranking pages, that is something should always be taken into consideration.
The Twenty Seventeen preview also gives a good demonstration of the different typography options of this theme, as well as displaying the list types, forms, and table formatting.


This theme shows a shift in the right direction for WordPress. The formation of a theme for businesses, with enhanced visuals, and an improved ease of use opens WordPress up to a new user friendly, while still catering to bloggers.

If you are still doubtful about experiencing Twenty Seventeen then give it a try. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.
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