HUAWEI MATE 9 Specification and Review


HUAWEI MATE 9 range dates back nearly as long as Samsung note series and by offering metal unit body designs, large displays and fantastic battery life, the range has grown in popularity.

The spectacular failure of the galaxy note 7 earlier this year has presented an opportunity for companies to create the best big screen. Android alternative and Samsung’s misfortune could play right into the hands of Chinese OEM Huawei 16.

The HUAWEI MATE 9 continues this trend with better internals, a large display and an upgraded version of the P9’s Leica dual camera setup but, crucially it also brings a major revamp to huawei’s EMUI instance in this form of EMUI5.
Alongside the regular Mate9, Huawei also announced the first device in its partnership with Porsche design. Aptly named the Porsche design mate9 which brings the same internals coupled with a curved QHD displays, 6GB of RAM and 256GB of storage.

The Porsche design Mate9 is a limited edition and with a price tag of EUR1399, its definitely not for everyone.


The design of the mate9 is not really surprising as its largely unchanged from last year, although huawei has made it a little compact and ergonomically friendly. Alongside this, Huawei has also added a curved uni body finished with soft feeling aluminum and the result is a smart phone that doesn’t feel as large as you would expect.

Considering the “5.9” display, you could be forgiven for thinking the HUAWEI MATE 9 is a big phone and while the display is certainly large, narrow vertical bezels and a slim profile mean it handles a lot better than other large devices compared to the Google nexus 6P or the Iphone 7 plus, the mate 9 is infinitely easier to handle and use, despite the large display.

To the result of the mate 9 UHV got the power and vol keys while on the left is the dual sim tray. On the button is a USB-C port and one of the dual speakers, while the headphone and infrared Port can be found on top. Huawei has also added brushed patterns and a slight chamfer to the edges which add grip, improves the handling and makes the mate9 more ergonomically friendly.

On the back UHV got a dual camera arrange meet in a vertical layout, rather than the horizontal layout found in the Huawei P9. Beneath this is Huawei typical finger print sensor which is the typical fashion remains one of the fast growing on the market.

Although the HUAWEI MATE 9 is a good looking Smartphone, the Porsche design mate9 is Huawei real design champion and whether it’s a sign of things to come or a game of imitation. It’s definitely a looker.

The design changes don’t just stop there, the screen is smaller than the mate9, the finger print sensor is moved to the front beneath the display and flanked by back and receives. Keys and the back is covered in a pitch black a modernized metal that looks striking and shimmers in the light.

The curved display itself is surprising as its incredibly subtle and more an element of design rather than a feature in itself. The different finish on the rear also means the Porsche design mate9 attracts more finger prints but is easier to hold and provide a hard edge to grab a hold of and more grip than the regular mate9.

Rather than a revolutionary design, the mate9 is another step in the revolution of huawei’s design strategy. Huawei is demonstrating that big doesn’t have to fee/big, and that they can pull off a large display that’s still friendly to your hand.


The huawei Mate9 supports a 5.9’’ 2.5D full HD IPS displays with a density of 373PPI, while the Porsche design brings Quad HD resolution in a smaller 5.5’’ AMOLED display with 534PPi density.
The Porsche design mate 9 aside, Huawei has always stuck to its guns when it came to adopting higher resolution and the mate9 service goes to show that you don’t always need more than full HD.


As you might expect the mate 9 is packed with the latest internals from huawei in the form of the Kirin 960 chipset which is made up of ACM latest cortex A73 chip set. The Kirin 960 comes equipped with four cortex A73 ‘Performance’ cores clocked at 2.4Ghz, paired with four cortex A53 lower power cores clocked at 1.8Ghz the mate 9 is also the first handset to run the news 8 core mail G71 MP8 GPU, which is separated to power the galaxy S8 and other flagship devices next year.

The regular mate9 comes equipped with 4GB of RAM and either 64GB of storage, while Porsche design mate9 owner will get 6GB of RAM and 256GB of storage if you do Opt for the regular mate 9 , You do get expandable storage, white the Porsche design mate 9 is limited to 256 GB of storage.


  • Compact size for a large phone
  • Porsche design mate9 has a great display
  • Excellent performance
  • Feature-Rich hardware
  • Dual camera can take stunning photos.
  • Battery lasts for 20 days.
  • EMUI5 is a polished interface.


  • Low Light camera could be baths.
  • Porsche design mate9 is expensive.
  • EMUI5 Still has a few quirks.
  • “Only” a full HD screen on regular Mate9

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