A New Lithium-Oxygen Battery Technology

A New Lithium-Oxygen Battery Technology

New technology may give electric car drivers more miles per minute of charging. Researchers have proposed a new lithium-oxygen battery technology that could make long distance electric cars (and smart phones that do not need recharging everyday) a reality.

Lithium-air or lithium-oxygen

Lithium-air or lithium-oxygen batteries hold the potential for between 5-15 times the efficiency of existing lithium-ion batteries for electric cars, but have seen a number of technological challenges hindering progress primarily that nearly a third of the energy Is still being wasted as heat, and they do not ten to last very long.

Existing lithium-oxygen batteries draw in air to cause a chemical reaction (while the battery is being used) and this is then released again to reverse the action and recharge the battery. It’s that requirement to have an internal and external air flow process that allows the ingress of carbon dioxide and water. To get around this, the researchers advised a method of discharging and recharging without ever needing to let oxygen return to its gaseous form, which means no need for pumps or membrane.

The Team wrote in Their Research Paper:

Instead, the oxygen stays inside the solid and transforms directly between its three redox states, while bowl in the form of three different solid chemical compounds li202, and lio2, which are mixed together in the form of glasses

This reduces the voltage loss by a factor of five, from one 1.2 volts to 0.24 volts, so only 8% of the electrical energy is turn to heat.

The end result is faster charging and more efficient batteries, due to lower heat wastage. Li also claim the batteries could prove to have much longer life than current lithium-ion models as they are protected from overcharging through chemical reaction’s natural process: once charged, it shifts to a different form to prevent overcharging.

We have overcharged the battery for 15 days, to a hundred times its capacity, but there was no damage at all

Li said.

The team wants to move to produce a practical prototype within a year and have then in the hands of manufactures within 18 months. The researchers added the technology could “certainly fit’” in a smart phone.


Samsung has also introduced unveiled a battery that can give electric cars a driving range of up to 500 km (310.7miles) on a 20-minute charge, promoting technology that could be key to the future of autonomous driving.

The south Korean Conglomerate’s battery division know as Samsung SDI, announced the cell on Monday, and said it can offer a complete driving range of up to 600 kilometer 80% capacity, allowing for a 500 Km range.

“This means that only 20 minute in the high rest area will be enough for a battery to be charged, eliminating the range anxiety of electric vehicles drivers” Samsung SDI said in a press release, adding that mass production of the cell is started for 2021.

Pin Points

One of the pin points for electric vehicle currently is the availability of charging stations and the frequency of charging. Samsung’s battery technology could change that. But it could also benefit driver less cars-also electric with major automakers and technology firms talking about-thus new industry in the same time frame which Samsung said it will begin mass production of the battery.

Samsung claims of 310.7 miles on a 20-minute charge is ahead of what is currently on the market for example, Tesla owners can use one of the company’s superchargers to get a 170-mile range in 30 minutes. But Tesla and Panasonic are currently working together on battery technology and have kicked off production of the 2,170 cell to be used in the car makers power wall 2 and a power pack 2 products as well as the model 3 car. Samsung is likely to face stiff competition from Tesla and Panasonic in the battery space.

Final Words

The technology could rapidly revolutionize mobile phones tablets and laptops-which are currently constrained both in term of power and size by the need for batteries. The Technology could be used for public transport too.

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