Samsung Unveils Two New Tablets But No Phone

Samsung Unveils Two New Tablets But No Phone

Samsung has, for the first time since 2013, opted not to unveil a flagship galaxy smart phone at the mobile world congress tech show.

Instead, it showed off two new tablets computers and a virtual reality head set that comes with a remote control.

However, a new smart phone was briefly teased at the end of the company’s presentation at the Barcelona event.

Samsung set the new device would be unveiled on 29th march in New York.

“Not having [the successor to the S7] there will be a particular boon to Huawei” noted tech analyst Tim Coulling at Canalys, referring to Samsung’s Chinese rival.

“But it’s known something is coming out, so the Samsung fans will probably be willing to wait’’

The hiatus follows trouble for the south Korean tech giant after its galaxy note 7 phone had to recall twice, the second time permanently.

Faulty batteries in the device led some to catch fire.


Campaign group green peace made an unexpected appearance at the presentation. A protester took to the stage with a banner saying “reduce, reuse, recycle” apparently referring to the millions of note 7 handsets that had to be withdrawn. More protesters rolled out another banners on the side of the building where the press conference was taking place.

Of the new tablets, the galaxy tab S3 is the smaller of the two and comes with 9.7 inch (24.6cm) screen. It is targeted at consumers who want to priorities gaming and videos playback.

The larger galaxy book comes in two sizes: 10.6 inch and 12 inch. Samsung set it was suited to “on-the-go professionals” it comes with a snap-on-keyboard and s-pen stylus.

The S3 runs Android 7.0 nougat while the book’s operating system is window 10. “Likes most of its competitor, Samsung has seen its tablet sales erode in recent years, as large smart phones have pushed into tablet territory” noted Rhoda Alexander at analysts IHS technology. But she edited that the organic light emitting diode [OLED] displays and powerful specification of the new tablets should help differentiate the products from competitors.


Samsung also launched a gear VR head set and remote control. As with the previous generations, the head set is a tie-up with face book’s Oculus division. The remote is designed for one-handed control.

It features a touch pad that lets user’s selection options within virtual reality app, and motion sensors to detach hand movements.

In the past, owners had to use controls built into the head set or buy a third-party game pad. That compared unfavorably with Google’s rival day dream view head set, which featured a motion-sensing controller of its own. The new gear VR is compatible with the recent galaxy S and noted handsets.

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