Ubisoft Montreal Release : For Honor

Ubisoft Montreal Release : For Honor

Ubisoft acting like a grown up game development company trying to present some original things like For Honor for gaming lovers. Ubisoft took an interesting opportunity with Rainbow six: siege a highly tactical slow paced shooter that has managed to capture itself a dedicated audience who appreciate on skill over pure twitch shooting. Ubisoft desires to do their success in a unique way.

Enter For Honor, who does not want to see a knight go up against a Viking or a fat samurai tackling a colossal armored foe. It is the believed For Honor that everyone wants to see these dashing combats and therefore presents a completely bonkers reason for why this could happen.
Ubisoft realized you can save a lot of time and effort in animation when your characters are almost all wearing helmets. Basically theme of the game comes down is a nefarious plan to send the world into war a huge disaster that pits knights, Vikings and samurai against each other for getting control of territory despite which ever faction you opt to support when you first fire up the game you can play as any of the four heroes in each faction.

Three campaigns – For Honor

The three campaigns on offer are quite reasonable, if it is entirely unspectacular. The characters and story are instantly forgettable dross that is not helped by the fact that leads always beer helmets and don’t even have names but there are few fun set parts and playing through then will help got into combat system basic cemented into your mind. Instead of single player experience multiplayer is the true focus of this game, and honestly while I am sure many people would disapprove with me I’d rather ubisoft put their effort is completely into the multiplayer if a single player offering clearly is not going to be a true priority.

In order to interact with game: the combat once you lock on to an opponent by holding the left trigger the right stick changes from controlling the camera to shifting your stance from left, right and overhead. This not only dictates what direction your own attacks will come from but where you’re blocking, too. Hold the stick to match the direction of the flashing red warning on the enemy and you’ll block the incoming strike, taking minimal damage in the process.

Just to whole attacking the enemy thing you have got two basic options : light attacks are quicker but do less damage, and heavy attacks are slow but deal much more damage. Each character also has chain able attack combos and a few special moves to augment them, such as a dash and then stunning blow. Figuring out how to nail these short, simple combos is vital, as is learning how other moves and techniques can flow in And out of them.

The basics that you need t o know start playing For Honor because there is a quite bit more to learn before you pose even a slight threat to most players. First and foremost the guard break which punches through a foe’s defenses so that you can follow up with an attack or even a throw, handy for tossing them off the edge of a cliff. Guard breaks can be countered with good timing, though, which is another skill you’ll need to become familiar with as time goes on. Then there is the parry, a perfectly timed tap of the heavy attack as the enemy blow comes hurtling toward your face. Get it just right and you’ll force the opponent off balance, opening them up for a snappy counterattack, something which certain heroes excel at. Get it wrong and their assault will turn your flesh into pulp. Then there is the art of feinting heavy attacks by canceling out of them, something you’ll find the higher level players using a fair bit as a way of playing with the opponent’s mind, although it is risky since a foe who predicts the feint will punish at hard.

These are series of smaller things using dodges, zone attacks, unshockable and more that f have not touch upon, but suffice to while each of the 12 available heroes don’t have extensive move list the combat has an impressive level of depth to it.

This game puts emphasis on a skillful defensive play as showed by the stamina bars, depleted via attacks, dodges and feints once stamina empties your character slows down considerably and can easily be knocked to the ground.
On top of that you have the current roster of 12 heroes, each with their own strength and weakness to be discovered.

How to beat certain heroes you need to play as them, a smart way of encouraging people to diversify , at least enough to understand the basic principles behind the various characters. The beastly Law bringer, for example, excels at savage counter-attacks and draining stamina, while the Viking Berserker has very limited range but can launch into infinite attacks while the Orochi has incredible speed.

It’s for this very reason and the emphasis on smart play that For Honor is at its very in the 1v1 duels, where it comes down to pure skill. This really is a good use of your time, especially when trying to learn a new character. Because of that we could see huge gaps between groups as the more casual players or people who simply don’t have much spare time can’t hope to compete the elite fighters who are willing to learn ins and outs of the game mechanics.

Fought Thought – For Honor

As a fought thought, it’s one of the better ones to have this aside, though, taking on an opponent is an exciting, particularly when you run into a skilled player who really makes you work hard for the victory.
2v2 captures this sense of excitement pretty well, too. As the name implies you and one other ally get to face off against two opponents. It’s interesting because players implement their own honor system within the game; it’s generally viewed as dishonorable to toss someone off a cliff, and it’s extremely dishonorable to kill your opponent and then gang up on the remaining player in 2v2. The honorable thing is to simply wait for the fight to finish, and if the enemy player wins challenge them. There’s almost a touch of role playing behind it.
Thoughts of heroes squaring off against each other in the middle of a chaotic fight are overridden by 3v1 beat downs that can’t be won.


Now we start to arrive at the problems, A triple – A multiplayer release in 2017 having no dedicated servers is mind boggling. We all know that servers are expensive to run and to lack of them at launch perhaps indicate that ubisoft are not quite sure how this new IP is going to perform, but it holds the game back massively.
The frustrating ubisoft’s decision is to tie single player and A.I matches into the multiplayer as well as so if your internet connection is on the fritz you can’t fire up a do minimum, 1v1 or 2v2 match against A.1, nor much about in single player.

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